Sequoia Henning

Sequoia Henning


Has lived half her life in India and throughout S.E Asia. She has been studying and teaching yoga, mysticism and sound healing. For over 17 years she has studied various ceremonial traditions and healing modalities. Sound Healing has been the constant modality she continues to use today.  Interweaving her in-depth yoga studies she focuses on the Nada Yoga also known as the yoga of sound.

She used her knowledge of yoga, healing and nada yoga first hand to heal her self of a serious illness and now shares with other the power of self-empowerment to all she teaches.

She has previously run her own holistic healing business, spent over a decade working and facilitating international Yoga teacher programs. Now Sequoia offers workshops, online courses and group and private healing sessions and breath coaching. Sequoia lives internationally sharing her time between Bali, India and Canada.

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